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Loud + ness = The Battleship Musashi? - 90%

NickBlaze, October 1st, 2005

Loudness has always been a classic band to me. One of the first Japanese metal bands I've gotten into, and to tell you the truth, still one of the best. When looking at their previous releases, you can't be truly disappointed with anything they release. No, not because they've already made the worst music ever, it's just that after so many years of creating music, they still have the same awesomeness they had before.

The Battleship Musashi was a rather surprise release for me, being it their first single in years, and their first release in a year or so. I have not heard everything off their album Racing, but I have heard most of it, but this single is unlike anything they've done. It is ONLY 4 tracks long, but there's really nothing wrong with that. Everything on the single is faster and harder than most of their stuff. Not quite the fastest, though. As far as the singing goes, Niihara keeps up his usual talent, which I find isn't clear enough for me to thoroughly enjoy. But Akira, their amazing guitarist, makes this single a hundred times better.

The guitar solos are well integrated and the riffs are purely amazing. The chorus you hear in some of the songs is well done, as well. Even the drumming has taken a step up. Loudness had better stay together long enough... how long is long enough? Well, listen to this single and find out.