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A Logical Follow-Up - 85%

SlayedNecros, October 7th, 2005

Some people dog a band for progressing too much between albums, while some dog them for not progressing enough. I've never understood the later (maybe it's because I love AC/DC). This is the second english speaking album from Loudness and it's the logical successor to "Thunder in the east".
This album did not receive the press or air time in the states that "Thunder" did, however, it is nearly as good. Akira shreds (as usual), and the songs are catchy and heavy (in an AOR type fashion). The singer still sounds helplessly Japanese, however, that is part of the charm of Loudness, IMO. You want songs; well okay-'Let it go' rivals the best from "Thunder" ('Crazy Nights', and 'Heavy Chains'), and 'Dark Desire' is another crusher. IMO, Akira is Japan's answer to Eddie Van halen as he can rip an awesome solo or lay down at rthymn, and he does plenty of both on this album.
The drumming and bass work are solid if unspectaculor, and fit the songs perfectly. If you want a guitar driven 80's metal album you could do far worse then this album, and if you are a Loudness fan and don't already own it, well shame on you. Many point to their early sung in Japanese albums as their best work, however, I feel that their three American releases with the orginal line-up are where it's at. It could be said that if the riff and energy of the afore mentioned 'let it go' doesn't get your old head a banging then you don't like standard 80's metal. I won't go that far, but give this underappreciated gem a listen, you might just be glad that you did!