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Skip the first CD, check out the second - 89%

natrix, March 15th, 2004

As I said, forget about the first CD, because it's just songs off of their album Fragments, which IMHFO blows, and listen to the second, which is The Time Keeper.
While I don't like live albums, this is a good one to have, especially if you're a Loudblast fan. It's got a lot of songs on it, they're well played and recorded, and slightly different than on the albums. On the downside, Stépane Buriez is singing with his newer, more "core" voice, but you do have Hervé Coquerel playing drums on some older songs that were recorded with their earlier sucky drummer. The songs off of Disincarnate and especially "Malignant Growth" from Sensorial Treatment (an album almost completely ruined by poor playing) sound a hell of a lot better. You can really hear the difference the drumming makes.
The Time Keeper is harder to find nowdays, so this is probably a better option. That way you can also hear some of the mallcore songs from Fragments as well and laugh your ass off.