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Constantly ineresting - 96%

PainMiseryDeath, August 16th, 2004

Here it is. Quite possibly the most underrated act that plays the Gothenburg style of melodic death metal. Lothlorien infuses their music with symphonic keyboards, giving it a distinct and almost neo-classical sound.

This is the one and only release from Lothlorien, and there is basically no information about them on the web, aside from the few snippets that have been gathered here on the Encyclopaedia Metallum. Aside from this album, the only thing that remains of Lothlorien is the member of Fatal Embrace (Henrik Serholt) who supplies the vocals. So the only thing I can really talk about is the music, most of it being mid paced, and while I don't want to say aggressive, I will say epic. Like most other Swedish bands of this calliber, the In Flames comparison is not all too far off for Lothlorien, but I still feel the use of sythns sets them apart as unique. The guitar melodies are cleverly crafted and are practically constantly doing something interesting. The vocals are particularly raspy, and are thoroughly badass. The shortest song on The Primal Event is only thirty seconds short of five minutes, and while most of the other songs are past the six minute mark, not a damn second of any of the songs are boresome.

One of my highest recommendations, check out Lothlorien. My personal favorite track would have to be Sorrowsoul.