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EXCELLENT Stuff! - 85%

corviderrant, January 21st, 2004

Lost Soul are everything I've come to expect from the fertile Polish metal scene--excellent and creative musicians with a major grudge against God and organized religion, and BRUTAL as all getout. This is not a perfect album, as a couple of songs fall short of greatness, but most of the time Lost Soul whip out an impressive barrage of Morbid Angel/Deicide-inspired Death Fucking Metal. Adam Sierzega's drumming is a little less than tight on occasion, and is obviously triggered (the unmistakable CLACK of triggered kick drums is in abundance here), but this is a minor issue. You'll be too busy gawking at guitar god Jacek Grecki's insane prowess; this man deserves to be seen as one of the up and coming greats in Death Metal guitar circles. Especially on the first two tracks, "My Kingdom" and the surprisingly groovy "Divine Satisfaction", he tears off an INTENSE, jaw-dropping barrage of shred soloing techniques on both tunes that has to be heard. And the production is actually decent enough to hear everyone pretty well. Not perfect, as I said, but an excellent introduction nonetheless to a band that deserves more exposure and a good American tour while we're at it. Maybe with Behemoth or Vader...?