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Raw thrash metal meets heavy metal guitar wizardry - 70%

kluseba, March 30th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Nuclear Blast (Slipcase)

Lost Society performs forty-five minutes of fierce thrash metal on its energizing third full length release Braindead. The band reminds me of American thrash metal bands of the late eighties and early nineties such as Death Angel.

The Finnish quartet convinces with juvenile power in form of angry shouts, pitiless riffs, dominant bass guitar and ferocious drum patterns in songs like ''Hangover Activator'' that would probably even wake up the dead. The band isn't just about attitude, energy and speed though. ''Hollow Eyes'' has great pace but also slows down for more melodic guitar solo sections which are clearly inspired by the New Wave of British Metal. The gloomy ''Only (My) Death Is Certain'' opens with mysterious melodies that add an appropriate touch to the epic track that breaks the eight-minute mark. The best of the bunch is however the brilliant opener ''I Am the Antidote'' that combines all of Lost Society's strengths within six unforgettable minutes. Pitiless thrash metal riffs meet gloomy but melodic heavy metal guitar melodies and solos. The bass guitar really is the backbone of the track and adds pace and rhythm with the support of the drums. The vocalist shouts, sings and whispers in varied but always motivated approaches. This song combines melody and energy, attitude and skills, diversity and focus in brilliant manner.

There are a few minor flaws to mention. Lost Society covers a Pantera song entitled ''P.S.T. 88''. This band really isn't my cup of tea and I find the predecessor of alternative and nu metal with an angry redneck attitude quite annoying and overrated. However, some bands have covered the group's songs rather well and Lost Society's bass-ridden version of the song is also better than the original track that sounded like a sterile Metallica rip-off. Still, I would have liked the band to cover a different group or put another of its own songs on the album. The so-called California Easy Listening Version of the band's own ''Terror Hungry'' doesn't really blend in with the rest of the music as it sounds like an alternative rock song with a few retro rock vibes. The track isn't bad but just feels completely out of place. The record would have been better if the band had just stuck to the great first seven tracks.

To keep it short, if you like energetic yet melodic thrash metal inspired by American bands that rose to fame in the late eighties and early nineties, you're in for a treat. Braindead is a vivid fun ride from start to finish but never shallow despite its party attitude. The band is even better in concert which can be witnessed on the rare gem LoudÔł×Out Fest 2016 split release with Japanese metal legends Anthem, Loudness and Outrage. If the band comes to your town, don't hesitate to attend their concert and have some fun.