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More than just Helloween obsessors - 90%

Mr Matt, April 15th, 2018

I stumbled across Lost Horizon on Spotify when I was just looking for lesser-known power metal bands to listen to, and boy am I glad I found this. "Awakening The World" is absolutely glorious and a huge recommendation of mine to anyone looking to dive deeper into power metal. The Helloween influence in Lost Horizon is obvious, but I can tell they blended in their own ideas and different sounding stuff then just pure Helloween. There's nothing wrong with making stuff that sounds exactly and only like Helloween, but it is rare that it succeeds.

The guy who did the best job on "Awakening The World" has to be the vocalist. Beautiful, powerful voice, and always in-tune. To point out the vocalists highlights on this album would be basically listening to the whole thing. Might have to list Ethereal Magnanimus as the best power metal vocalist in the power metal underground. I think it would be interesting if Ethereal Magnanimus sang on Lorenguard's "Of Tales To Come" EP. Just a thought.

As for the guitar part, while I cannot give the title, 'impeccable' to the guitar solos on this album, it was great nonetheless. These solos would be great to learn for someone just getting in to shred. As I listened to the solos, I actually made out most of them in my head and knew where/how to play it on the guitar. I really liked the solos to "Welcome Back" and "Kingdom Of My Will". "Kingdome Of My Will" in fact is probably the best song on this album. The guitar work actually didn't sound much like Helloween at times, so that might be one of the things contributing to the variety of sound that makes Lost Horizon more than just Helloween obsessors. Of course there are solos and techniques that came straight from the Helloween book, don't get me wrong.

Maybe just as equally impressive as the vocals has to be the drum part. The guy who does the drum part on "Awakening The World" is wicked fast and good. There were lots of times where the guy played the bass drum to the rhythm of the lead guitar part, which is very impressive, creative, and adds complexity. Doing fast and/or complex rhythms on guitar while the bass drum copies that is something pop music will only ever dream of.

In closing, Lost Horizon puts power metal in a very good light and would do very well at being representatives for power metal if they were given the task. Much like Manowar, Lost Horizon probably dreams of, well, 'awakening the world' or 'fighting the world' and enlightening people. They're also like Manowar because of their album covers, which feature the members of the band. Nuff said about that.