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Loss - Life Without Hope...Death Without Reason - 90%

Phuling, April 23rd, 2008

Dear mother of god, this is a dark, unholy and sombre output of stark, suicidal funeral doom metal. Worship’s one of my favourite doom metal acts, and taking the absolute brutality they created and adding the melody from funeral doom gods Thergothon, or maybe even Mourning Beloveth, will give you a pretty good idea of what Loss sound like.

Slow, powerful drumming combined with sad riffs and worn-out growls is a recipe for success in my book. And these guys pull it off with excellence. This is no everyday run-in-the-mill doom metal – this is a seriously depraved soundtrack to a suicide. An entire life of depression, abuse and failures turned into music and jammed into one CD. The melodic, yet oh-so-depressive riffs could easily make a guy weep, ‘cause it has such an atmosphere of pure grief to it. And when you add deep and slow growling giving you lyrical bits such as "a shadowed figure, a lone failure, […] a fool to decay in ever-cold and wounds as deep as any burial and sorrow deeper than any wound"… I’m in lost of words. It’s just fucking awesome!

This is a re-release of Loss’ demo, with the same title, originally released on the Japanese label Weird Truth, with two bonus live tracks. First of ‘em being a cover of Katatonia’s Brave, with Imperial from Krieg on vocals, and the second one’s a Loss track showing a more brutal and death metal like doom metal than on the rest of the CD. But then again it’s a live track, maybe the sound does it injustice. What I do know is that this album kicks some major arse!

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