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Who's Your Daddy, Bitch?! - 89%

WishmasterTheDark, January 7th, 2012

Yeah, this is the pure arockalypse. Lordi storm the world with their thunderous, loud and heavy music. This is another strong, very good Lordi release. There are many excellent classic heavy metal songs with hard rock influences. Part of that hard rock influence is related to short length, structure and ambient of the songs. However, majority of the songs are heavy metal songs (classic heavy metal), but there are few rock songs (hard rock) as well. There's a lot to be praised here. How can one dislike songs like Bringing Back The Balls To Rock, a face-melting opener of the album (excluding short spoken intro song), creepy and passionate It Snows In Hell, Who's Your Daddy? and Hard Rock Hallelujah, the two signature songs from this album, extremely heavy song The Night Of The Loving Dead and kick-ass sing-along song Supermonstars (The Anthem Of The Phantoms)? These are songs which instantly enter the ear of the listener. Enough to make you interested in the rest of the album as well. All of these are classic heavy metal song which belong in heavy metal section of the album. Each song is short, heavy, full of excellent horror lyrics, horror ambient, each of them is kick-ass sing-along song and orgasmic guitar solos are present in almost every song.

Guitar solos aren't technical at all, they are made in the rock style, simple, but memorable and very enjoyable. That is the most important. Technical stuff doesn't fit well in Lordi's music style. There are two versions of the song It Snows In Hell. One is from the single, and it was featured on the first version of this album. Re-released version from the same year has version with cleaner vocals. Original version with rough vocals is much more honest, and rough vocals fit well with horror ambient of the song, and these horror-romantic lyrics. Newer version is better for music video in order to make it more pleasant for the other people. Thankfully I am not one of them. Who's Your Daddy? and Hard Rock Hallelujah are two the most memorable, and the most catchiest songs. Their heaviness, vocals, lyrics, tempo, rhythm make these songs so sexy. That's the reason why they conquered Eurovision contest with Hard Rock Hallelujah song. No-one can resist the magic of that song. There are two version of this song too. The one for Eurovision contest is shorter. Studio album version has excellent organ intro, and it has riff-driven guitar solo. That's one of the best riffs I've ever heard.

The Deadite Girls Gone Wild is rock song (hard rock) which had to grow on me. I never actually payed enough attention to that song. It's full of hard riffs, great drum rhythm and catchy refrains. They Only Come Out At Night and The Chainsaw Buffet are two more hard rock song. They Only Come Out At Night is really mediocre song. It has few good riffs, some parts of the song, but nothing special at all. Constant shouting: "They only come out at night" in refrains is really boring. The Chainsaw Buffet has nice melodic hooks, enjoyable rhythm, but it lacks something. The same thing for The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead. It has tasty bass lines, good riffs, great rhythm and catchy refrains. However, they are very good songs. Good To Be Bad is done in typical hard rock style - opener keyboards, some hard riffs, lots of melodies and of course loud chorus. But it's really barely memorable song, the worst from this album. It has some good parts, but it's nothing that good.

Good sides of this release:
Lots of mind-blowing, awesome classic heavy metal songs. Extremely heavy riffs, great drum work, short orgasmic guitar solos, catchy refrains, excellent horror lyrics and great horror ambient. One excellent hard rock song too. I recommend this release for every metalhead.

Bad sides of this release:
They Only Come Out At Night is mediocre song and Good To be Bad is bad song. Ironically, it's not good to make bad songs. The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead and The Chainsaw Buffet could have been improved a bit.

Bringing Back The Balls To Rock, The Deadite Girls Gone Wild, It Snows In Hell, Who's Your Daddy?, Hard Rock Hallelujah, The Night Of The Loving Dead and Supermonstars (The Anthem Of The Phantoms).