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It's the Arockalypse - 100%

LordRezo, March 8th, 2007

Lordi, the finnish monster rockers took the world over by surpirse by winning the the 2006 Eurovision Pop Song Contest with a metal entry. Now some of you may look at them and dismiss them as a Gwar ripoff. But take a closer look and listen, and you'll notice their completely different. The music is 80's heavy metal and hard rock. Sure it's nothing that original, but with todays constant musical differences, it's a nice change to hear some tunes still played in good old style. Lordi stated that their main goal is to entertain, and this album does it perfectly.

It kick starts with a news bulletin about invading monsters (with guest star Dee Snyder), then slams it's way into Bring Back The Balls To Rock with true power. With that song, it shows Lordi are taking no prisoners and that they will rock the hell outta you. Some classic Lordi tunes follow such as The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Daed, or Chainsaw Buffet (with guest star Jay Jay Fench). However, Lordi's talent doesn't stop at fast beat songs, they are equally good in playing power ballads and prove it with the song It snows iIn Hell with guest star Bruce Kulick (former Kiss guitarist). Another worthy song to mention is Hard Rock Hallelujah, the song which conquered Eurovision. With Mr. Lordi's raspy vocals, and powerful choruses backing it, where can you go wrong?

Final result? Sure they aren't terribly new, but they still show that classic heavy metal isn't dead yet. And with legends such as Udo Dirkschneider and Bruce Kulick backing them up, you know they must be doing something right. So put on Evil Dead, call some friends over, and listen to Lordi all night long.

Good Songs: Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead, It Snows In Hell, Who's Your Daddy, Hard Rock Hallelujah, They Only Come Out At Night, The Chainsaw Buffet, Supermonstars.