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Good, But Not Amazing - 71%

GuntherTheUndying, February 13th, 2007

Whether you like Lordi or not, you have to give the band credit for all the success and worldwide fame they've received over the years of their existence. It's quite rare to have a hard rock band like Lordi that's able to top the record charts and receive various award nominations for their music, yet these monster obsessed rockers have made it happen and still continue to do so. Unlike some fellow metalheads, I actually find Lordi to quite enjoyable and I think most of their material is worth coughing up some dough. Now my basic exposure to Lordi leads me to the band's third offering, "The Arockalypse." Even though this isn't the best thing you'll hear from Lordi's discography, "The Arockalypse" is still a nice disc if you have a sweet tooth toward rock.

"The Arockalypse" is basically a hard rock album filled with sturdy riffing and the occasional dose of metal tossed in every now and then. Most of the riffs are played at a mid-paced speed with Mr. Lordi's gruff voice hovering over them while drummer Kita plays a simple, yet decent drum pattern. There is also a lot of synth use throughout the course of this album, but some of the tracks are actually driven by it rather than the guitar. I'm a real sucker when it comes to stuff with a lot of synth, so I really think that's a prime part of this record. The one thing I truly dislike about this album is the minimal variety in the songs. Most of the tracks are built upon the same foundation of simple riffs and Mr. Lordi's vocals followed by a chorus that usually won't stop until the song ends. There are some different tunes once in a while, but most of it is just more of the same. Other than that, "The Arockalypse" is a classy slab of hard rock.

The special edition of "The Arockalypse" contains three bonus tracks that are actually better than most of the songs on the standard print. The new version of "Would You Love A Monsterman?" has better production and atmosphere than its original form, yet it still has the same electricity that made it famous in the first place. "Mr. Killjoy" and "Evilove" are solid metal tracks with heavy riffing, nice vocals, and catchy choruses that actually sound memorable and addictive. These three songs add a lot more taste to this record that some of the first edition lacked.

Though "The Arockalypse" isn't an incredible album, it still has some enjoyable aspects that can be entertaining for a few rounds of listening. If you do decide to get this LP, make sure you buy the special edition with the wonderful bonus tracks.

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