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ARftTMoHH: Even the Initials Are a Mouthful - 85%

Cat III, December 31st, 2018
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Behold Barbarity (Limited edition)

“i thjink i'd know the difference between Satan and a noisy washing machine with "666" spraypainted on the side”
-Dril, Twitter legend

Song order is an aspect of albums that receives little attention. This is understandable, as unlike production, musicianship, creativity and a host of other things, the order songs are put in is neither a maker nor breaker of albums. Still, there's an art to it, and when done well it deserves to be mentioned. Three-way split Atomic Regurgitation from the Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate arranges its tracks by artist, starting with the most accessible—to give a false sense of security—then ramping up the harshness with the second artist, before deteriorating into madness so absolute, it must have been created as an assault on the very idea of sanity.

Of course, these things are relative. Lord of Depression, the USBM act who open this, aren't going to headline an outdoor festival any time soon. An abundance of blast-beats and tremolo picking place their music firmly in the underground. Yet there are enough thrash riffs and hints of melody that if you forced a normie friend to listen to it, they would have some things to praise. “Black Flame in My Heart, Black Blood in My Veins” ends with a twitchy solo, “Ultimate Rejection and Slaughtering of Your Faith” fuses some slower guitar passages to galloping drums to get heads banging, and “'Til Heaven Falls” features a catchy riff all lovers of heavy metal should be able to appreciate. Drummer Dim Mak's fill-happy playing, especially in the third song, strays from the endless blasting often found in trad BM. Vocalist LOD666 (owner of Freezing Records who released the cassette version of this split) won't help those who want to know the lyrics, but at least it's apparent he is saying something; there's an attempt to formulate words, however indecipherable.

The same can't be said for Myrmydon Antichristus, vocalist of Infernal Sacrament, another USBM band and second act on this split. Antichristus has a growl lower than typical BM, though not in the guttural territory of brutal DM. His delivery throws out any pretense of relaying lyrics, in favor of pummeling sonic violence. The band's other musicians pursue the same goal, with vicious footwork on the kit and fuzzy guitars devoting more time to walls of tremolo picking than actual riffs. There's nary a solo in their three songs. Up their sleeves are a few tricks to ward off monotony, like slower sections that hit hard without becoming (too) catchy. “Invocation of Asmodeus” has one spot where the ride cymbal and bass make the song bounce. Bass plays a prominent role in Infernal Sacrament's sound, and that role is dynamic with lots of distortion being added for the final song, “Visions of the Demonic”.

The final stop of this split brings us all the way to India, with Tetragrammacide. It's a requirement of writing about this band that the author compare them to some sort of malfunctioning appliance, so I'll get that out of the way: Tetragrammacide sound like an unholy fusion of a dryer and a garbage disposal going haywire next to a detonating IED. Draw a line from Beherit's The Oath of Black Blood through Deiphago's Filipino Antichrist and it eventually ends up at Tetragrammacide. Production plays a major part in their assault. Where others are content with a wall of sound, they unleash a tidal wave of noise. It's not merely overbearing, but actively hostile. Unlike Infernal Sacrament's songs, they have solos. Quite a few in fact, but their purpose is to increase the chaos, rather than show off skill or for any other normal musical reason. While their approach moves close to Dadaist anti-art, underneath the rumbling gusts of noise lies actual songs. Cymbal crashes pierce through sharp and clear, rhythms clamber their way in, and even a riff or two can be heard. This split is a good introduction to the band before taking on their EP Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ which manages to be even more inaccessible.

Strangely, Tetragrammacide are the best known of the bands here, having quite a bit of hype behind them. Again, I'm using relative terms—the hype is a lot for a band within this particular niche of black metal, itself a small niche within metal proper. The other two bands stand their ground. Each contributes something different while all three live up to the mission statement “total fucking defeat and rape of your mutilated faith!” (per the CD booklet). Atomic Regurgitation from the Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate isn't like a lot of splits which just collect already available material and the tracks have yet to make their way on any compilations. Two Lord of Depression songs are new to this release and “'Til Heaven Falls” is a re-recording of a demo song. Infernal Sacrament's songs come from a demo that was recorded in 2013, but never released. “Cleansed by Hellfire” appeared in rawer form on their Communion with Demonic Spirits demo and all three songs would reappear on the Militant Hymns of the Rebel Angel LP sounding about the same as they do here. Tetragrammacide's four songs, including the intro and outro, are exclusive to this split.

Decades ago there were demos that sounded like this, (mostly) because of some combination of naivety, incompetence and a paucity of resources. Now, it's entirely intentional. Few will find value in this, but they will find plenty of it. Those few are freaks and maniacs. You know who you are.