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I'll Cry Wolf - 80%

Paralyzer2010, February 17th, 2012

Lord Volture’s debut album “Beast of Thunder” was truly a beast and they have now followed that up with their sophomore effort in “Never Cry Wolf.” This is yet another fantastic looking album from a packaging stand point, just as their debut was; gorgeous full color digipak and full booklet, with enticing artwork all around. But would “Never Cry Wolf” be able to stand-up to the level that “Beast of Thunder” was at?

“Never Cry Wolf” is once again filled with 11 songs of traditional heavy metal, that sound straight out of the 80s. However, when listening to this album, it doesn’t draw me in like the debut album did. I’m not saying that the songs are terrible or unlistenable, but there doesn’t seem to be that hook present as was in the first album. It seems as if the songs are slower and take more time to develop than on “Beast of Thunder.” But like I said this isn’t a bad album or anything that’s going to be put in the category for 2011 worst releases, it’s actually going to be higher up on the mediocre releases list and is something that is worth your time for listening.

If you’re looking for that same Judas Priest-esque sound that was present on the first album and won’t accept change then turn the other way. It’s still present but Lord Volture has developed more of their own style and originality into this album and proves that they are more than just a Priest worship band. They can still shred, Marcellis’s vocals still soar, and everything else is still present, but they have put more their own sound to it.

As I have already stated this was a bit of a letdown for me following their debut album, but that doesn’t make it bad at all. It will definitely be worth your near hour listening time. My biggest disappointment was the fact that they seemed to slow everything down compared to first album where everything was fast all the time but this is still true metal and how it should be and Lord Volture has done nothing but grow into their own more original style on “Never Cry Wolf”. Some of my favorite songs included: “Necro Nation,” “Korgon’s Descent, ” and “The Wolf At Your Door.” If you’re looking for some new traditional metal that was released towards the end of 2011 then this is an album you should look into.