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Different isn't always bad - 85%

whitefogphantom, May 9th, 2020

As a quick introduction for someone coming into this album blindly, Lord Vampyr was an original member of Theatres Des Vampires. He is known for his raw and melodic 90's vampire sound with harsh vocals. He has since left and worked on his self titled band.

This album will obviously cause a lot of contempt within the Lord Vampyr fanbase because it's "different." Of course, different meaning leaning more towards an Industrial/Gothic style as opposed to his well known style of Melodic Black Metal. Personally I am a fan of both genres, as long as it sounds good. This album is going to be very different than his past works, so if you are expecting more of an old Theatres Des Vampires sound - then look elsewhere. For me, this album is someone trying something outside of their typical wheelhouse.

First of all, his singing is not amazing but it's not bad either. It is reminiscent of Thrash Metal style vocals, calling it "singing" would be a stretch as it is more harsh than your typical clean Metal vocals. The harsh vocals complement the "clean" vocals quite nicely. They are average. nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately, the vocals are my least favorite part of the album. Had they have been less "Iron Maiden" and more Black Metal, it would have definitely raised the overall score for me. The lyrics are a little bit silly too, he is trying really hard to be anti-Christian which is a very tired and overdone theme. Suddenly you will hear him scream "Jesus, Jesus!" which really takes away from the atmosphere already present. I do praise him for trying something new though.

As for the guitars, they appear to be standard-tuned heavy sounding guitar riffs. Fabrizio and Seth 666 definitely give me a very riff driven experience with their heaviness. They seem to belong in a Autopsy or Slayer album to be honest but I don't mind them, I think it adds something new. The songs on the album are generally short and catchy, that's the best way I can describe them. You really don't hear anything too difficult to play in there but I enjoy their simplistic nature.

Aeternus has extremely crisp and slick drumming going on here, nothing outstanding but it does the job. The bass can be heard and the overall mix of the album is quite nice. Everything is where it should be. The issues I have with this album are few and far between, I personally like the Black Metal stuff better, however the new sound is not bad at all. The keys are present just like in his other stuff, which I'm always happy to listen to. No overbearing keys though, they are hidden in the distance.

Well, to sum up this review, I like Lord Vampyr. New and old. I think this style should be praised, personally I love Vampyric Metal bands. It would be horrible to see this style go.