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Lord Vampyr's Return - 20%

Rufino00, December 18th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Sleaszy Rider Records (Bandcamp)

I'm a big fan of Lord Vampyr's career with Theatres Des Vampires as his own version of Cradle Of Filth.

After leaving Theatres Des Vampires due to artistic differences, he started doing solo work, which got into the Symphonic Black Metal reign of early Theatres Des Vampires, De Vampyrica Philosophia, Blood Bathory and Carpathian Tragedies and a compilation album including a never released demo called Vampyria and the Blood Bathory demo, but ever since Horror Masterpiece, which was released before Vampyria, he started diving into the musical territory that Theatres Des Vampires carried on doing with a more "commercial" type of gothic metal sound, with albums like Gothika Vampyrika Heretika, and unfortunately with this album too.

There are only three songs that I like on this album, they are Iclonoclast Heresy, At War and Upon The Throne Lies. These three songs are very well written although one of them is an instrumental track (and I'm gonna get into that later) and the other two suffer the same problem as all the tracks on the album suffer, which are the vocals. His clean singing sucks, and only in these tracks you get the actual low vampiric range that fans like about him. The songs are okay but his singing ruins the whole experience and I couldn't wait for the album to end.

Now I said I was going to talk about the intro track, well there are three intro tracks on the album: Intro, At War and The Crusade Of Violence. Now if you've ever listened to Lord Vampyr or Theatres Des Vampire's music you know they have intro tracks and sometimes outro tracks. I only like At War this time around, it was 1:15 seconds long and it felt nice. It used the time well, very unlike the other two, which were the intro tracks and the outro tracks respectively. Firstly both tracks were the same fucking thing and secondly, while Intro was 2:35 minutes, the other one was 9:24 minutes, I have never wasted so much time in my life on a filler track ever. I'm not the type of person that skips intro and outro tracks just because they're filler, I always appreciate every note and sound that comes of an album.

It's really disappointing and I do not recommend.

-João Rufino