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Lord Almighty - Paths

Progressiveness done right! - 100%

Akerthorpe, November 23rd, 2016

“Paths” is the debut full length offering from Massachusetts based band Lord Almighty and this is a trip through aural oblivion that you won’t soon forget. Labeled as “progressive black metal”, Lord Almighty stretch the musical boundaries to their limits and make it work much to the benefit of, not only the genre, but the listener as well. Even so, there is no doubt that, while stretching these boundaries, they keep things quite traditional in terms of delivery.

After a small, almost psychedelic type intro, the madness comes in and grabs you by the neck with no intention of letting go.The first thing you will notice is that there is a certain “rawness” to the music which, for those of you who remember these releases, takes me back to the Perdition Hearse “Mala Fide” demo, and Sigh’s “Tragedies” demo. Yes, that is going back quite a bit. If you remember these release just imagine all of this wrapped up in an aura of progressiveness. The riffs are tuned to what you would find right at the turn of the decade of the 90’s right up to about the late 90’s. Even though the riffing seems dated, the progressive elements keep the style of played fresh and innovative. As I listened to this CD more and more, I am picking up on vibes from bands such as Ceremony, Necromantia, Mystifier, and a more raw version of the band Agathodaimon. Another thing that I find interesting is that there are a couple moments in this album where it takes on a stoner, or an almost “bluesy” type vibe. This is not doubt part of the progressiveness the band incorporates into their brand of metal, and it might sound weird at first, but when you let it sink in and it grabs a hold of your soul, there is no escaping the overall awesomeness of what this band has created here.

Their influences and vibes just don’t stop at the black metal genre. There is even an instance where the riffs take on an almost Iron maiden feel to them. In my experience, when you have a specific genre and you add progressive and traditional elements to it, you really cannot go wrong. This is exactly what Lord Almighty have done! Within what they have created here, there is chaos and within that chaos there is serenity and at the core of it all is their mastery of this art that we call metal. There are not too many bands who can take all of the elements that are in this CD and blend them together at the level of perfection that Lord Almighty has. On top of that, this is an album that cannot be just thrown together. When you hear what’s going on in all of these songs, you will come to realize the time, patience, and dedication it must have taken to put this release together. Lord Almighty have earned my respect and I am sure, once you have heard this release, they will earn yours too.