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Sludge, yet AGAIN! - 77%

GraveWish, January 5th, 2012

After a short-lived period under the name Before Dawn, Lomera is one of the most original and auspicious metal act to come out of Sydney's sludge metal scene, a five piece powerhouse, no other genre title defines Lomera better than "in-your-face sludge". For those unacquainted with Lomera's unmistakably old-fashioned sound, as a genre, sludge cobbled together bits and pieces from doom metal and hardcore punk topping that with a hint of southern and stoner rock influences in conjunction with aggressive shouted vocals and heavily distorted instruments. Herein I will give a simple description for Lomera's self-titled debut release getting past all of the silly labeling.

To start with, given the amount of upcoming sludge metal bands it's getting harder and burdensome to be positively impressed by a new release. Yet again and by good luck that isn't always the case! Anyone remotely knowledgeable about the definition of sludge metal will certainly be able to spell out what to expect here. The music isn't complex, everything is well structured and all tracks are impressively delightful. While listening to the album, one cannot help but notice a tremendous bunch of miscellaneous guitar riffs. They are heavy and punchy, but more than anything else propulsive. Assuredly this is one of the most important positive aspects of the album. Another thing that impressed me the most about this EP is the vocals. Matt Power's vocals are harsh and full-forced, they can be described as typical pure sludge bordering on hardcore but not quite venturing into that territory. The drums suit the music perfectly, giving that powerful groovy feeling to the overall sound. Regrettably, it's kind of difficult to distinguish the bass with the distortion it has. Nevertheless, it all sounds dense, crushing and mind blowing.

Presumptively of utmost importance the album length is less then twelve minutes for the total of four different tracks. Some would say it's a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this is not enough to make a stark judgement about the originality of the band. On the other hand, this four track EP certainly grabs the listeners attention. Furthermore, they will definitely be waiting any next release by the band.

I'd have to say that overall, there is not much to hold against Lomera on this debut release. There are no fillers each song stands strong on its own. If you like the old-school sludge metal sort of sound then this EP was made for you. In effect, it's instantly enjoyable and emotive. Personally, I was unsure of what to expect but certainly I was really glad to be pleased with the album.