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Another quality release - 88%

Gabometal86, April 6th, 2005


On “Generación Mutante”, Logos went for a more thrash metal sound with an early 90´s production. In fact the production and especially the guitar tone have a vibe from the later thrash albums like for example Sodom’s “Tapping The Vein” but the drums are mixed lower and more traditional-sounding than the ones on “Tapping The Vein”.

Starts with a freaky supermarket cash machine intro and then it drops into the thrashtastic “Arden En El Cielo” with its insanely thrashy riffs and its maniacal double-bass runs. Then “Asesinos De La Memoria” is another banging thrasher with a memorable chorus. “¿Quien Dijo?” is a satisfactory mid-paced number with heavy chugs, Beto doing some hard-rhymed vocals on the verses and a brief and heavy chorus, then at 1:37 comes a nifty shredding solo and you are owned. “Cuando Asecha La Maldad” is another mid-paced tune with nice heavy chugging riffs and a great chorus, not only because it is catchy if not because the underlying chorus chug is incredible. Next is “Decide Por Tí Mismo” which is another utter thrasher with flawless soloing.

“Juana Azurduy” is a nice and heavy instrumental song with a nice chug and wailing melodic leads played along with that chugging riff. “Necios” is an enjoyable mid-paced number with a catchy chorus and a generic but nonetheless headbanging riff. And then, be afraid, be very afraid because here’s “Muerte Sin Gloria”. It’s a goddamn heavy slow-paced tune with lots of heavy and reverberating verse riffs and then a skillful and catchy underlying riff on the chorus and just to end in a boom we have a proficient wailing solo delivered tightly by Miguel Roldan.
Next is “Lejos De Casa” which is another up-tempo speed/thrash number that resembles more to thrash than to speed metal, with a moderately fast-paced riff (fast enough to be considered thrash) and again another proficient melodic solo. The album ends with the title track “Generación Mutante” which starts off as a crushing mid-paced tune carried by a grinding riff and then at 0:57 it speeds up and features a memorable chorus, it also features a flawless guitar run, towards the end it slows down and drops into the slow-moving intro riff and then out of nowhere come some parts from all the other songs are thrown in over the fade-out riff.

Conclusion: This is as metal as you could get back in 1995. It’s not some faggot-like Machine Head rip-off, nor mallcore or generic slut metal. It’s fucking Logos.