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Stupid, Fun Death Metal - 85%

Tastychainsaws, July 6th, 2012

Sinew is the EP of an underground death metal act whose name become a lot less metal when you know what it means. I got my hands on the EP when I saw them playing with Aborted, Decrepit Birth, Cattle Decapitation, and Origin. They put on a great show, I had a lot of fun, but that’s not what the review is about. Midway through their set, they said the first twenty people to rush to their merch booth would get a free copy of Sinew. After fighting and clawing my way through nineteen other people, I managed to get myself a copy. I tried to trade it to the singer of Battlecross for his awesome beard, but he respectfully declined.

The basic question arises though. Was Sinew worth fighting through all these people? The answer is a big YES, and honestly, I’m more content with having this than I am having that guy’s beard. As my title says, Sinew is stupid, fun death metal; and I love it!

There is a niche for music like this. That kind of music that you play as loud as you can while drunk or hyped up on coffee. It’s like party music in the form of death metal, and sometimes that’s just what you want to listen to. It feels like Loculus set out to create an album that was sheer brutality while keeping a semblance of coherent riffs and writing. Sinew sits comfortably at the border of death metal and the heavier realms of gore and grind. It gives me the vibe of an earlier Cannibal Corpse album, but with more thrills.

At twelve and a half minutes, Sinew is short and quick little treat to listen to. The riffs are heavy and consistent, providing plenty of headbanging material. The drums are fast, powerful, and Albert Born competently carries the rhythm while providing plenty of interesting fills. There’s almost a sort of groove to some of these riffs, which only heightens the experience of the album. The vocals are the weakest part of the band, simply because they don’t provide anything particularly new. The singer, Bill Calormis is by no means a bad singer. He belts out growls that remind me of a more coherent Dying Fetus. Being the weakest part of the band doesn’t make him unimpressive or bad by any means.

The lyrics win no awards for creativity either. Torture, death, mutilation… yeah, we’ve kind of already heard this from hundreds of other bands. The shock of gruesome lyrics sort of faded around when Cannibal Corpse released Tomb of the Mutilated. Now, to be fair, some of the lyrics on this album are kind of creative and I’d go as far to say they’re more inspired and interesting than, well, just about anything Six Feet Under as ever done in their entire career.

To sum it up: if you’re in the market for mindless and brutal fun, Sinew fucking delivers. It’s probably not going to win over elitists or people who want something with more depth; but it’s like I said, there’s a niche for albums like this. It was completely worth fighting through a horde of people to get (and nearly tearing down the merch booth in the process).

On that note, I think albums should be distributed in this manner. Instead of paying 15$ to buy it at the record store, or online, you should have to pretty much mosh your way to a limited number of copies, take one, then fight your way to freedom with it. Seriously, guys, let’s make this happen.

That’s my review. I’m Tastychainsaws, and you guys stay fucking metal.