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Even the band doesn't give a shit - 52%

Noktorn, September 4th, 2008

This is supposedly a Swedish death metal album, but there's a heaping dose of groove in here as well, to the point where it overwhelms the death metal quite frequently. You could call this post-thrash without much trouble if it weren't for some of the faster sections and growled vocals. Of course it goes without saying that combining post-thrash and Swedish death metal results in one of the most uninteresting combinations possible, but to be fair this came out in 1999 so expectations must be appropriately low.

This is rather fundamentally unexciting; the sound of a band toning down their sound for the possibility of greater success. It must be, because I can't really imagine any band willingly playing such boring music. Everything's composed of death/thrash or pseudo-Machine Head riffs played at a dreary mid to fast pace with a mirroring drum performance and rather drab growling over the top. The music has no particular momentum; it just lays there, content to drift along with a series of lackluster riffs before abruptly coming to an end because the band felt it was long enough.

The songwriting is tolerable. It's boring and mediocre but in a comfortable enough way that I can't really get angry about it or anything, just bored and sleepy. It's one of those albums where no matter how much is going on, the songs never seem to progress. Nothing really happens. You could call it an attempt at selling out if only the band seemed more excited about the theoretical money they'd be making, but even the instrumental performances just shuffle around in circles, fundamentally unexcited about the music being played, much like the audience. It seems that if the band hadn't been in need of money, this album probably wouldn't have been recorded. I should be more offended by that idea but for some reason I'm not. It's a workhorse album by people who are doing it as a pseudo-career. It sounds like what would be made if death metal albums were made by cubical workers. Obviously I can't recommend this but it's pretty harmless overall.