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Born in Sweden, and you can hear it - 71%

Lane, January 25th, 2013

Death metal with rock influences from Sweden. A bloody familiar concept, innit?! I think Entombed's 'Wolverine Blues' from 1993 was my first experience with this kind of stuff. This ain't as rocking as that album or Gorefest's 'Soul Survivor' (1996) for example. 'Born in Hell' is my first experience with Lobotomy, while it is their third full length album.

Take ultra-heavy, familiar Entombed-mixed-with-Grave guitar sound, come up with some quite twisted horror riffing, get some groove and rock riffs played heavy way into the shit plus some nice harmonies at times and there you have it: Lobotomy. This album has nothing to do with original music, but the world needs shit like this and Lobotomy ain't the worst band making this kind of noise. Lobotomy have sniffed old corpses and found the right way to treat the influences: Not raping them. The riffs are between okay and very good, latter being sadly the minority, but it's turns the other way around when talking about the songs! When the band get it rolling well, it rolls like hell and now I ain't talking about rock 'n' roll, mind you. Drumming isn't individual, as aren't growled vocals (from low to higher) which at times remind me of Chris Barnes' best moments. The sound is heavy (surprise...) and dirty enough, too. This was recorded at the Sunlight Studios, so you should know the result... My only complaint is somewhat thin and rattling snare drum sound, which do not fit in very well. Anyways, gladly this album ends after 42 minutes, because more of the same would've just made it uninspired. The first half of the album is good, but there's a few not too hot pieces on the second one.

The lyrics are about human filth. We are born into hell, yes. Some stuff is a bit self-pitying and there's no new messages, either. Violence, anti-religious stuff and then some. Booklet (which is not unified at all when looking at the pictures) has different colours (e.g. brown, blue, green) in it just like 'Soul Survivor's booklet. Just an accident or another influence? The album features some samples, by the way, which are definitely used well.

I got this for a few Euros, so not a bad bargain. I never would pay 20 ones (yeah, here new albums can cost this much!) for this, though. Lobotomy are still just followers and I want real quality stuff when I pay a higher price. For me, this kind of music works best with beer. If you crave for another Swedish death metal platter, you could do a lot worse than this. Just check out that geared-to-kill opener, groovy headbang fest 'Fistful of Demons', heavy 'n' guttural 'Scream for Me' and eerie 'Dying Days' and fucking rot 'n' roll. And do not forget them beverages...

(originally written for in 2002)

Even the band doesn't give a shit - 52%

Noktorn, September 4th, 2008

This is supposedly a Swedish death metal album, but there's a heaping dose of groove in here as well, to the point where it overwhelms the death metal quite frequently. You could call this post-thrash without much trouble if it weren't for some of the faster sections and growled vocals. Of course it goes without saying that combining post-thrash and Swedish death metal results in one of the most uninteresting combinations possible, but to be fair this came out in 1999 so expectations must be appropriately low.

This is rather fundamentally unexciting; the sound of a band toning down their sound for the possibility of greater success. It must be, because I can't really imagine any band willingly playing such boring music. Everything's composed of death/thrash or pseudo-Machine Head riffs played at a dreary mid to fast pace with a mirroring drum performance and rather drab growling over the top. The music has no particular momentum; it just lays there, content to drift along with a series of lackluster riffs before abruptly coming to an end because the band felt it was long enough.

The songwriting is tolerable. It's boring and mediocre but in a comfortable enough way that I can't really get angry about it or anything, just bored and sleepy. It's one of those albums where no matter how much is going on, the songs never seem to progress. Nothing really happens. You could call it an attempt at selling out if only the band seemed more excited about the theoretical money they'd be making, but even the instrumental performances just shuffle around in circles, fundamentally unexcited about the music being played, much like the audience. It seems that if the band hadn't been in need of money, this album probably wouldn't have been recorded. I should be more offended by that idea but for some reason I'm not. It's a workhorse album by people who are doing it as a pseudo-career. It sounds like what would be made if death metal albums were made by cubical workers. Obviously I can't recommend this but it's pretty harmless overall.

Decent enough, though others have done it better - 59%

SideShowDisaSter, September 22nd, 2004

This is one of those borderline death/thrash albums that you can't quite nail down in either territory. It starts off promising enough with the title track, which is a pretty good thrasher. The album intro is something from Alfred Hitchcock, I believe. It sure SOUNDS like him anyway. Kind of dumb, but anyway. The song itself has catchy riff work and nice drumming. The bass is pretty much buried, making only a guest appearance here and there, this being the norm over most of the album. The vocals are 'meh' but can be overlooked, even gotten used to. Unfortunately, after this track it decends into mediocrity with only a few good tunes popping up along the way. I must state that the guitar solos are pure guitar WANKERY! All wammy bar with boring fret work.

Now, once past the first track, you're going to get rehashed riffs, plain drumming that you could cut and paste from any thrash/death album and again the guest appearance from the bass. What I said about the solos apply to EVERY SINGLE TRACK. Fistful Of Demons is ok, but nothing to write home about. The riffs are decent, and the drums don't ruin it. Listenable, at least. Next up you get Dead, which starts off with this idiotic voice saying "You're f**king dead". The song then decends into mid-paced boredom until the chorus which thrashes along for like 10-15 seconds, then right back to the mid-paced crap. Very monotonous.

Scream For Me is the next track. More mid-paced junk. The vocals go to absolute crap here. He tries to go for this deep menacing growl and misses it badly. The entire vocal line consists of scream for me...mumbled words...scream for me...more mumbled words. Intelligent, let me tell you! Anyway, now we get Burden of Sin which starts off with a cowbell? A bit out of place, but whatever. Again, mid-paced with boring riffs and the chorus repeated a bit much for my tastes.

Ashes is up now, and FINALLY we are back to the good stuff. It starts off thrashing from the jump and has good riffs, if a bit simple. A few mid-tempo breakdowns, but they fit the overall feel of the song. Bloodangel comes in with some riffs that sound borrowed straight from any mid-paced Slayer track. The trash break in the middle sounds a little uninspired. The vocals on the spoken word parts have effects added, and it just blows!

Painreleaser has a pretty cool sounding riff that makes one think it is about to hit the fan. Sadly, it just kind of plods along. Again, a thrash break right in the middle. Gee, didn't I just hear this track?

Bed Of Flies starts off nicely. Catchy riffs and nice drum work with plenty of double-bass. Not a masterpiece, but for it is good enough to hold interest. Again, the breakdown in the middle adds to the songs atmosphere. Dying Days wraps the album up. Again, riffs straight from Slayer. The track is ok, if a bit plodding. Then it all goes RIGHT down the drain. The drummer starts doing some of the worst blastbeats I have EVER heard. I don't care what comes after that, it was ruined by those horried blasts. The album then ENDS with another Alfred Hitchcock soundbite. That is just stupid.

If you want some bubblegum for the brain, here you go. Nothing new, nothing spectacular, just something to veg out to. If you want something to REALLY get your attention, go get something by The Haunted or Arch Enemy.