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Lost treasure. - 100%

Seducerofsouls85, June 29th, 2011

Lizzy Borden always struck a chord with me and they are one of those bands that surely deserve more fame. Let us be under no illusion, these guys were immersed deep in the glam scene as much as Bon Jovi or Poison when it came to image and over the top theatrics, but unlike those two bands the music was just extremely powerful and moving. I remember picking up "Visual Lies" and wanting to shed a tear because I loved it so much, but I kept telling myself if I was a real man I should redeem myself by playing some Slayer or something. Thankfully I have come to terms with Lizzy Borden, but even if the more "hardcore" metal fans couldn't bring themselves to appreciate this, these guys should still be a lot more appealing to fans who preferred lace and hairspray at the time. At times the music has a kind of atmospheric power feel to it, essentially making Lizzy Borden stand out from much of their peers. The riffs are catchy and the guitar tone captured on this record is quite unique in the sense that it isn't particularly heavy or raw, but still kicks all manner of ass. The songs are just absolutely flawless from beginning to end and this album shows that glam was capable of enhancing heavy metal.

All the songs here are flawless and the vocals are some of the best I have ever heard in metal (no offense Dio and King Diamond!). "Outcast", "Visual Lies", and "Den of Thieves" are tracks I refer to on a regular basis, but like I said the entire album is class. Man I hate writing reviews for great albums because whilst I'm good at dissecting average or terrible albums, I find it hard to reiterate the greatness provided in the greats. It's all in the emotion and how it makes you feel, and this album moves me. With great riffs, vocals, and memorable songs, the entire experience just moves me. I'm not going to lie, I had heard my fair share of thrash and death metal when I first heard this album, but this album just amplifies the feel that can make straight forward metal great rather than hokey anthems drunken regulars sing along to on karaoke night who don't even listen to metal! They also emit a feeling that has no genre boundaries because, while they make Twisted Sister or Dokken suddenly seem average, they seem to creep alongside the likes of Helloween for atmospheric power. After hearing this I now believe the saying "there is always an exception to the rule", because these guys surely are the exception in a scene that was average at best and was fueled by radio play where success was measured by platinum records hanging on some big shot record executive's office wall. I'm not saying Lizzy Borden didn't live the glam metal lifestyle, I mean what the fuck do I know? I'm just stating their music is timeless. This is a masterpiece and just one gaze upon the album cover makes me glad I chose to listen to heavy metal.