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Glammy but Solid and Overall HEAVY!!! - 98%

Noisenoir, March 31st, 2005

Lizzy has the voice, no argument here. What he needed was some good ideas to exploit it. I think "Visual Lies" is indeed the peek for his band and his career. The band's previous work was coated with brilliance but here we find it in the largest of amounts. Why? Because Lizzy actually proves that "Hair Metal" or "Glam" or whatever you want to call it can provide some exquisite songs to the heavy metal movement.

I truly cannot name a song that fails to be above medium. The guitar work is awesome, heavy and solid and some of the riffing here is the most memorable anyone could find in any genre. The lyrical themes though emotional and "sensitive" are turning in a revengeful specter. We are victims of love...yes, but we are not gonna take it!

“Me Against the World” is the hymn many would like to have taken credit for but the 'rich kid' Lizzy had what it took to compose it. Simply mesmerizing it makes you start singing from the first verse. “Shock” (without the backing vocals) could have been the epitome of U.S. Metal in those days. “Lord of the Flies” maybe not the catchiest but surely is the best song in this wonderful album and that alone says a lot, just listen to the guitar section of the song. Who can claim a more memorable and uplifting riff? The rest of the songs are varying from superb to excellent and the production is exceptional helping every song to reach its full potential.

Nobody could imagine a better album by a band with lip-gloss and you should have in mind that those were the days of Twisted Sister and W.A.S.P. therefore the competition was great. It seems like there was a theatrical competition between Blackie (in those days he used to drink "blood" from a skull) and Lizzy (he was dismembering with an axe the model of Love You to Pieces album) which pushed them both to the best of their work. The only part of the album that is rather annoying is the melodic parts that fail to add anything more than reasons for debate for the best Lizzy Borden album.

All W.A.S.P. and Twisted Sister fans are already familiar with Lizzy Borden those few remaining uninformed check (and worship) them out.