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Riffs up the ass!!! - 88%

PowerMetalGuardian, February 18th, 2003

Riffs up the fucking ass! That is what you will get with this, and all, Lizzy Borden albums. The guitars for Lizzy Borden are really great. A lot of great harmonizing parts. The riffs and solo's are filled with power and speed. Like for example the inro(after the slow part) of Generation Aliens; blast your ass off riff. They're fast, crued, and well developed. If you've never heard Lizzy Borden than let me try to place what they sound like. Its sort of like Riot and Judas Priest thrown in together. The drumming is well developed as well, a lot of nice 80's traditional sounding fills. Everything flows pretty good on this album, more compact than the other Borden albums. The only thing that can be bad about this album is Lizzy's voice. It is kinda squeely 90% of the time. It's one of those things you either will love to death or hate, which then you will end up hating the band. The lyrics are pretty good, topics ranging from suicide to death! Is that the same thing??? Probably the best song on this album is Notorius, hail Caesar. A lot of these songs are about the youth and how they are so violent. Sweet...more power to us! The idea of these lyrics seem....recycled. But who cares! The riffs are cool, plenty of headbanging to go around! They also use some cool effects, like the beginning to Terror on the Town, you hear a news reporter and hear exploding stuff and screaming people! Sets the mood!