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The Perfect Heavy Metal Album - 100%

abu_thaura, April 30th, 2007

In the 80s, the non-mainstream metal scene was mostly occupied by Thrash and Death bands, Lizzy Borden stood out for sounding much rougher than the common Heavy band while still being very melodic and for having the looks - though not the sound - of glam metal. 20 years later, it seems, the band has all but completely disappeared from the conciousness of metalheads in America (at least that's my impression, I may be wrong), and they never did seem to get much of a following outside the US. One can say, then, that Lizzy Borden, or at least Love You to Pieces, is one of the most painfully underrated metal bands in history, right up there with Overkill and (hair metal band) White Lion.

It is impossible to find anything wrong with this album. There's a variety of lyrical themes, from the band's signature psychopathic lyrics (Psychopath, Love You to Pieces) to Heavy's standard 'evil' theme (Council for the Cauldron, Flesheater), all the way to the mandatory 80s metal pride song (American Metal). All the lyrics, while not being sophisticated in the poetic sense, all fit perfectly into the mood of each and every song. Singer Lizzy Borden can do it all, from the mania of Psychopath to the remarkable falsetto of Red Rum. The production isn't completely smooth, but everything comes out perfectly.

Let me emphasize this again and again: this is one of the best metal albums I have ever heard and certainly the best Heavy album I have ever heard. And if you tell me that you can listen to Red Rum without thinking that this is one of the best things you've ever heard, I just wouldn't know what to tell you. If you're a heavy metal fan, get this album.