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Classic 80's Power metal - 95%

SlayedNecros, April 26th, 2006

This album is indicative of what power metal was in the 80's; fast guitars, high pitched vocals, and memorable catchy songs. Slightly heavier fare then the traditional metal of the time period. Lizzy Borden was a theatrical band on stage and a blazing band on album.
I believe this to be their best album. it's consistent from top to bottom. 'Council for the cauldron' gets the album kicking with a fast track. It really sets the mood for the album. Up next are three of the most memorable tracks on the album-'Psychopath', 'Save me' and 'Red rum'. the tempos vary but each of those tunes have cool riffs and catchy hooks. For those not familiar with Lizzy Borden at all, the vocals are high pitched (but not in a King Diamond sort of way), they are not falsetto, more like Lizzy is just more comfortable in that range. 'Love you to pieces' is a cool ballad type of track. After that brief reprieve comes three more classic corkers in the form of; 'American metal', 'Flesh-eater' (possibly the best song ever about oral sex) and 'Warfare'. 'Godiva' is next and it's blazing quick tune which is not one of the finest moments on the album, however, then comes the equally blazing 'Rod of Iron' which closes the album in glorious fashion.
This album would be a fine addition to any metal-heads collection, especially those of you looking for all things 80's. Lizzy Borden was far from a household name back then, so this album can be considered the upper tier of the underground (this pre-dates any of the videos you may have seen from them on VH1-Classic). For some reason I have always seen this album as the doppelganger to Savage Grace's classic-"After the fall from grace". In short, fast, catchy and necessary metal.