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American Fucking Metal. When it meant something. - 95%

Danthrax_Nasty, October 22nd, 2003

This is one solid fucking release,... solid like an unopen beer bottle making contact with a human skull at extreme volocity. Every song is pure catchy, thrashy, Heavy Metal awesomeness done in a totally 80's, only in America, kinda fashion.

A draw back for some may be the "Glam" aspect of the groups image,... but for fucks sake there from LA, and this was released in 1985, so if you can't get over big hair, and glitz by now than bite me. Some may also dislike the over the top theatrics of this band, which in parts becomes quite cheesey, but thats what it is, so you either dig it, or you don't.

One major reason this is as great as it is lies entirely in Lizzy's voice, as its very unique, packing his ultra high falcettos, and manly vibratos with a sound unemulated before, or since. Flat out, a very talented individual. The next reason this rules harder then a Turkish Warden is in the riffs,... because nearly every song is loaded with great Metal riffs, leads, and solos. Also, the distortion of the guitars, as well as their tone, and overall production allow the instruments to set the mood of each song vibrantly, and adds a certain allure, and feel of being geniune. With said, the last reason this albums greatness may never be contested (besides my decree!) is the lyrics. They are written to each song with real crafting skill. Each riff is layed out perfectly with the vocal patterns, and thanks to Lizzy's voice carried out with a true Metal spirit. These lyrics really help bring the songs out, and put a total 80's youthfull feel into the music's message.

In a nut shell: with this release the band made their place on the LA scene, and put out an album which would extend their fanbase, raise their credibility, and is full of their classic material. Just a highly influential record, highly accessible, highly worthy. Easily the bands best studio output.

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