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Slayer has met their match - 90%

Mortificationfan79, November 30th, 2009

This is the Christian metal band Living Sacrifice's self titled debut that came out in 1991. This was of course during a time in the history of metal when straight up old school thrash was rather passé as its fiercer sounding and subsequently inevitable progression into death metal had been reasonably established when this was released. Nonetheless, this is a great thrash album that easily holds up well against this band's satanic counterpart Slayer.

The overall sound is an exact cross section between the insane speed and sheer brutality of Slayer's Reign in Blood and the darker, mid-paced rhythms that are quite prevalent on their 4th offering South of Heaven.

The guitaring showcases incredibly fast and accurate Slayer quality riffs without even plagiarizing them one bit. The leads ranged from good to acceptable sometimes leaving desired originality and dynamics. But in my opinion they're still better than Kerry King's brand of light speed solos that lack tightness as well as being just plain sloppy.

The drumming is tight and well executed and comes close to the standard set by veteran drummer Dave Lombardo who's only advantage here is merely age and experience as Lance Garvin was just 18 when this was recorded.

The production is good but certainly not polished. I thought it could have been a little louder myself but not a bad job by any means.

In conclusion, this release encompasses nearly every legitimate quality of good old school Slayer saving for the tired satanic overtones that plague Slayer's otherwise great music. Fans of great thrash will not be disappointed.