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Metal meets pop. Consider yourself warned. - 55%

Lane, May 12th, 2012

Today there is about one and a million styles of music. Czech Republic's Liveevil operate in a smaller field, or at least I don't know much bands making this kind of music, mixing electro, metal and goth into a pretty interesting and individual effort.

Liveevil feature two ex-Silent Stream of Godless Elegy members. That's pretty much everything I know about the band for sure! Musically, these two bands are very different. Liveevil mix electro, that harks back to 1970s and old computer music (come on, some stuff on this album seriously sound like it came from Commodore 64!), with some modern rock elements and metal style riffage. The band surely make catchy tunes, no doubt about that. Think pop-era Samael, Paradise Lost and Theatre Of Tragedy hitting their dicks together with The Kovenant and Deathstars. Yep, Liveevil are very poppy, no doubt about it, but usually tolerably so. The biggest blemish is similarity of the songs on offer. Rock/metal riffs and drums, sci-fi/spooky/retrogame (even though more Bubble Bobble than Castlevania) style wheezy synths. 90% in groovy, danceable tempo, and the rest is slower. Vocals are interpreted in low voice and some screamy stuff, plus very scattered growls. Sound-wise this is pretty organic, regardless of all electronics utilized, and this has a live feel to it.

Generally, Liveevil can do their stuff pretty well, but I think more variety wouldn't harm them. I wanted it to be heavier, too. 'Arctangel' is a nice album of electro rock, so if you have a soft spot for aforementioned bands, try Liveevil.

(originally written for in 2007)