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This is a piece of art - 99%

Saddie, November 16th, 2004

I don't rate this album at 100% just because the sound could have been the best when you have a band like this.

This album is completely different from Liturgia's former releases. I think you can see some background from Veritatis Splendor behind, but this is basically something else. This album is very melodic, yet strong and dark. All instruments are played carefully and you may find hundreds of new details everytime you listen to it because there are way too many things to hear. I find Corvi Et Cygnes is probably the most original album I've heard from any band from Colombia. In fact, I couldn't think of one only band which had influenced this, because you can see some clear heavy metal and black metal influences at the same time!. Specular Reflects ends with Al Pacino's speech at Devil's Advocate, which I consider a great idea -not only because of the way it gets into the album, but also because it brings new stuff to your head-, Crows And Swans starts a very interesting way too, The Legend Of The Crystal Mask has a very interesting clean vocal work, The Silver Marchioness does too...

Every song at this album is good, and the way those songs are united make it perfect. The end of the record, Hell's Bells is probably the best cover version I've heard from this heavy metal gods, AC / DC.

This album is absolutely recomended to buy. This is fuckin' good Colombian Metal.