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Experimental indeed - 88%

Paradox, May 24th, 2003

If writing and recording an album in a week isn't progressive and experimental I don't know what is. Given this short period of conception for this album it clearly has its problems. There are many good parts, but in others it just seems like something is missing or that things just didn't mesh right. This bass riff would have sounded better over these keyboard cords or the drums don't seem in synch with everything else here; stuff like that. But the quality of the good stuff is definitely good enought to excuse such details.

The album is comprised of 5 "real" songs, 3 short little "filler" songs, and 1 28 and a half minute long improvised (well it was all improvisational to a degree, but this is completely) jam session. They are all good for what they are, but I was honestly not impressed with the improvised "Three Minute Warning." If they had gone back and actually worked on it some after creating the monstrosity on the spot perhaps I would feel differently, but it is left as is.

This is probably one of the best quality side projects put out by any artist and definitely worth the cash.