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Experimental, technical and wonderful - 90%

HawkMoon, August 10th, 2002

What do you think happens if you take 4 splendid musicians such as John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy & Tony Levin to create music?? Well someone obviously thought the idea was interesting so they gave it a shot. Liquid Tension Experiment is one of the 100's of this kind of project on the Magna Carta label. Luckily it's the one and only that live up to the hype. What we're served here is progressive metal on a high level, considering that it was written and recorded during one week, it doesn't feel very 'composed' - and in fact some of the material here is improvised.. like "Three minute warning", an almost 30-minute improvised jam.

When it comes to these guys you KNOW they play well (3 of them are currently in Dream Theater for the newbie, Tony Levin used to play with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel), alot of soloing goes by but of course some heavy riffs are played too - and the whole thing is instrumental with exception of some whistling in one tune.

Highly recommended if you're fed up with everything else.