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Liquid Graveyard - By Nature So Perverse - 90%

Orbitball, June 16th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Sleaszy Rider Records

This is probably the best Liquid Graveyard release that I've heard. I believe Shane from Napalm Death was still with the band (now departed). I've never heard of the genre they fall under, but it's a pretty cool type of genre. I like the music, though the vocals I'm not too used to right now. I can dig the music the most. This release is under an hour and it really packs a punch. The songwriting was impeccable. It's a little groove laden metal with the Avant-guard twist to it. This is actually one of the first ones I've heard from the band themselves. And what a treat to the eardrums! I liked it immensely!

I'm surprised that not a lot of people don't know about this band. If I were to give advice regarding their discography, again I'd say 'By Nature So Perverse' is where it's at! The vocals are the only thing that I have a beef with! The music is captivating! Good mixing too, you can hear everything in unison so be aware of this and be sure to hold on tight when you hear these riffs. They're spellbinding! I'm not that familiar with the genre they fall under, but it's a damn good example of what it's like! A lot of tremolo and down picking. Really awesome! I didn't think any of these songs were bad, they were superb!

The music is heavy and the production captures the guitars and vocals perfectly everything was well done on here. The vocals are an acquired taste. In retrospect, they're not THAT bad, I just thought because it was female vocals it could've been more like say Alissa White-Gluz or Maria from Feelament. But they do the job nevertheless. I think that this release was worth an A- in rating. Definitely a band that really has a long life even though Shane is no longer in the band with bass duties. That kind of sucks, but they'll manage, I'm sure. I hope that these guys stay together for a long time!

I've ordered this CD because it's a little difficult to find. But I checked out their previous releases and didn't think that they were as good as this one. So I'd suggest you check this out on Spotify and see what you think. I was blown away by the musicianship. These guys were very professional. The music was really intense as well! I think that they did everything right here! What a monument of a recording! I liked the whole release. Maybe in addition to the bass guitar duties need replacement so do the vocals. But I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon! Check this one out!