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Say Cheeeeeese-Ball - 45%

The_Scrab, July 25th, 2009

Imagine every 80's metal cliche put in a blender, add some above average guitar leads, some vocal wankery, and a top forty mindset, and you're liable to end up with Lion's "Dangerous Attraction". Either that, or any other number of faceless L.A. bands from the era. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with being a cheesy 80's band, some of my favorite bands are among the cheesiest Los Angeles had to offer at the time, but even my tolerance extends so far.

The problem with this album is that's pretty damn forgettable. There's very little that will stand out about this album once you finish listening to it, other than the fact that your memory will have a 40 minute hole where you can't remember anything. Downright embarrassing songs like "Death on Legs", and "Armed and Dangerous" will have you either humming something else, drop kicking the CD out of your window, or laughing at how inhumanly terrible the choruses are. Not to mention, all of these songs sound the same, like really bad Whitesnake rejects (and I LIKE Whitesnake, so that's saying something). All of the songs have cheesy drum beats, inaudible bass, lame lyrics and overly "emotional" performances by a singer who doesn't sound like he's ever listened to anything metal in his entire life. At least there aren't any full ballads, though the beginning of "In the Name of Love" scared me for a brief moment.

The redeeming factor in this album is Guitarist Doug Aldrich, famous for his guitar chops with acts such as Dio, and (funnily enough) Whitesnake. His leads, while not as exciting as they would become as his technique matured, are worth sitting through the album for. He's not the most exciting shredder in the history of forever, but in my humble opinion, he's still pretty damn good. His riff's are repetitive, just like the rest of the music, but are still solid, and are capable enough to save some of the songs from the toilet pit.

So, unless you're a devoted Aldrich fan, a fan of (really) mediocre cheese metal, or looking to trick your local extreme metal kid into listening to this for laughs, I wouldn't recommend it.

Sorta wish somebody would have put this album in a blender, quite frankly.