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terrible even for goregrind - 20%

Noktorn, March 23rd, 2009

Even as a big goregrind fan I'm almost completely unaware what the point of this music is; Lincoln Love Log carved out a very small but dedicated niche during their career, but for the life of me I can't understand why. The band's haphazard and ultimately pointless mixture of goregrind, grooving death metal, noisecore and crust isn't just pointless, but barely listenable and more an exercise in masochism than anything approximating enjoyment. I enjoy a lot of very raw, primitive, seemingly improvised goregrind material, but even this just seems stupid and useless, managing to add absolutely nothing to a genre with nearly nothing to it in the first place.

Calling this a full-length album is something of a misnomer, as every studio track here sounds like it was recorded at a completely different time, and a significant amount of the material is recorded live in concert. The production is awful no matter the situation; thin, overly distorted, and completely lacking power despite the noisiness. Raw production alone doesn't make an album bad, but Lincoln Love Log manage to exacerbate it with incoherent and tragically boring songwriting. Under all the instrumental clatter is a set of boring death/grind/rock riffs over uneven drumming, very poorly executed vocals which use effects in place of actual skill, and an incredible amount of repetition within even the shortest songs. Did you know that a thirty second song could feel agonizingly long? Neither did I!

The essential thing that makes this so unbelievably bad though is the simple lack of coherence. The songs are literally nothing more than very small collections of riffs, but the band has no idea of how to go from one riff to another or even to write individual riffs which sound reasonably good on their own. They're either very overly simple attempts at groove or meaningless, atonal tremolo, but none of it adds up to anything more than frustration on the part of the listener. I don't know how people who are clearly at least capable on their instruments manage to make music so unbelievably awkward and mindless; I hesitate to even call these songs simply because of how poorly they're designed.

It's entirely possible that I'm just missing some huge element of this music, but I've tried looking at it like 'normal' music and I've tried looking at it as being sort of endearingly incompetent and sloppy, but I can't find any charm to this stuff at all. I can't recommend this to anyone; it's poorly written, poorly played, poorly produced, and doesn't even manage to be funny in the process. It's just bad from top to bottom. I have no idea what Black Hole Productions was thinking.