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theosis, July 21st, 2010

Limbonic Art makes a magnificent come back with Phantasmagoria. Daemon the mastermind of the band decided to kick out Morfeus, in order to create an album of pure black metal art. I consider Phantasmagoria one of their greatest efforts (in my opinion the other two masterpieces of the band are Ad Noctum and in Abhorrence Dementia). Daemon proves that is a brilliant musician and that he was the true soul of Limbonic Art all these years.

Phantasmagoria is full of surprises. Black metal riffs are combined with a lot of excellent funeral doom elements, symphonic parts, death, grind and even some dark thrash riffs. A cult black metal atmosphere is haunting the listener track after track that feels surrounded by the mouldy walls of the darkest dungeon. No hope, no light, no life can enter the new somber world of Limbonic Art. The keyboards this time are more essential, dark and mature and create a true black atmosphere. But the atmosphere is not Wagnerian as their record label says. The “Wagnerian” elements are very few but that don’t change at all the dark splendour of this masterpiece. The vocals are the best that Daemon has ever done. I consider him to be by far the greatest singer in the history of black metal.

The sound production is extremely good and succeeds in giving a boost to the cursed darkness of the whole album. Also the programmed drums are the best this band has ever had. The impressive lyrics have to do with necromancy, death, paranormal phenomena and the futility of the mundane human existence. Almost all the songs of the album are superb hymns of the black metal genre. To choose some of them is extremely difficult but if I someone puts a gun in my head forcing me to choose among them then I would have to say : “Crypt of Bereavement”, “Dark Winds” “A World In Pandemonium”, “ The Burning Vortex”, “A Black Sphere of Serenity” and “Astral Projection”.

I really consider Phantasmagoria already to be one of the classic gems in the history of the black metal and maybe the greatest effort of the band.