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The Best of the Best - 100%

Mordaine, January 27th, 2005

Limbonic Art are probably(or should be) what people think of when they think of extreme metal. This music is nothing other than that. With the drum machine wearing itsself out from constant inhuman speed and agression, the music on top is rather calm but very abysmal and ominous sounding. Theres heavy keyboard use but not cheesy or overbearing, they just amplify and complete the music by filling in the cracks. This 4 CD collection contains like 4 hours of their music and it usually runs somewhere around $30-35 which is relatively cheap compared to getting the CDs separately. Theres not really any filler here so you're getting just about all solid music ,and it has all the bonus tracks from the Chronicles of Limbo, so youre not missing anything. I bought this and it was worth every penny, I love this band to death and if you do also this is perfect for you. Or if you're not sure you want to buy all four of their brilliant CDs in one package you could go for them individually. And if you haven't heard fo them yet its about time you do.