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A nicely done, solid album. - 80%

tallhagillani, September 30th, 2007

Limbonic Art is everything what a symphonic black metal should be. I got real upset when they disbanded in 2003 but was extremely happy when they regrouped and on such an epic date 06/06/06 (amazing). They do such sort of symphonic black metal that even brutal black metal fans respect them. Limbonic Art and Anorexia Nervosa, I believe are the best symphonic black metal bands out there because they don't involve folk, pagan or gothic elements nor they get carried away with symphonies and that's the reason that their songs are not cheesy. Well, here we are talking about Limbonic Art's latest work "Legacy Of Evil", wow ! what a name, the album title contains two of my favourite words, "legacy" & "evil". If you're curious about the drum machine, then yes, they're still using the controversial drum machine which has worked great for them in the past and is still doing some fine work. This is a very moderate album, the songs have some fast parts, some slow parts and some real fast parts making this album a perfectly balanced album and the art work is pretty decent as well. I want to tell you that this album is a little faster, brutal and intense than their previous works with great production.

Daemon vocals are amazing, the guitar riffs and electronic elements are nothing short of what they should be i.e. spectacular. Clean vocals are present in few song but they sound full of wisdom and are there for very small periods. Limbonic Art's fans will without any doubt love this album and it won't even hurt newbies, it'll mature their taste and they'll have better understanding of the genre after listening to this album.

The first two songs are standard black metal songs, they're fast with some slow parts but the third song "Grace By Torments" is an amazing song, it heavier than the first two songs, there's emotion in that song which can easily be felt and this song takes you to place where it is sadness everywhere and everything is barren, this is an amazing song. In the fourth song "Infernal Phantom Kingdom", in the middle of that song Daemon vocals convert from black metal shrieks to somewhat death metal growls but the there's a twist in the song when black shrieks return (it sounds good but its not something out of this world). The title track is a solid and powerful song. The atmosphere is nicely created by these talented musicians as it can be felt in the sixth song "Lycanthropic Tales", the vocals can be enjoyed the most on this song. The next track "Nebulous Dawn" begins with an epic atmosphere and from the first moment you realize that this is going to be a great song, everything in this song is perfect, the vocals, the riffs and most of all the drums sound spectacular and Daemon vocals sound different on this song because he has not held anything back and tried to express himself as well as he could, a treat for any black metal fan. "Seven Doors Of Death" is a fast, powerful, heavy and an amazing song, in the middle of this song Daemon sounds very much like the vocalist from Dimmu Borgir but that doesn't affect the song, this song is a must listen for every black metal fan. "Twilight Omen" starts with some strange keyboards followed by some clean vocals backed up by Daemon unclean vocals but you can easily understand what he's saying here, as soon as you get pissed off that what a fucked up boring song this track is then suddenly the song takes a fast route dramatically and starts sounding like extreme metal, thisis a good song if you remove the first three minutes from it. As soon as the last song "Unleashed From Hell" starts, you get the great Burzum feeling but then the song speeds up and the band is at its best here, everything is brutal, fast, powerful, this song is a pure delight to my ears and looks like that I'll be listening to it for a long long time, this is the best song of the album, infact its Limbonic Art's best song that I've ever heard.

I want to give this album 100 marks because I have great respect for these musicians but I'll be modest while ranking them because there are some disappointments in this album, even though they're very few and might be negligible for new listeners but veterans will feel it. Overall this is a great album, better than their previous releases and a must for every black metal fan.