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A different Limbonic Art - 95%

WilliamAcerfeltd, October 10th, 2007

After half a decade in the shadows, Limbonic Art return and with a new album and it’s a good one. However, their sound has changed which is seemingly inevitable after such a long absence from the musical scene. While it may frustrate some, the new change definitely isn't a bad thing.

Legacy of Evil features a more aggressive sound that wasn't present in albums such as Moon in the Scorpio, it sounds much more like Satanic black metal now than symphonic black metal. Here's why, the guitar riffs are usually heavier, faster and more aggressive than before, the drum machine is blast beating, and the vocals are more aggressive then they were before (more on that later).

As implied above, the more "Satanic" sound means the music is a lot less symphonic than usual. Prior to this (Epitome of Illusions seems to be the unique exception) Limbonic Art were able to mix the guitars and symphonic elements together quite well, creating a sort of equilibrium in the music. Now, the orchestral arrangements are low key and are not as prominent in the music. For instance the first track for example, the synths are still there but the guitars dominate.

Now for the vocals, Limbonic Art used to use clean vocals quite a bit; they used to sing in an operatic fashion, in order to add to the symphonic elements of this album. Well, now only one track features clean vocals and they are only in the song very briefly. The black metal vocals now are much better in my opinion. Before, they sounded like they were sad, now they are much more aggressive and angry sounding which makes it sound like a different vocalist is doing vocals. I would have thought so.

Finally, the album art deserves a mention; we've seen a return to the artwork which can be found in Epitome of Illusions and the like. To be honest, this was a bit worrying; after all some bands return to the old artwork when they make a comeback and when you listen to the album it sucks, as if the album art is trying to trick the listener that the band is still in their creative prime. There were no such problems with this band; they are still releasing good music.

I may have implied in this review that this album is a lot like Epitome of Illusions. It isn't, from what I've heard, it's completely different to anything Limbonic Art have ever released, although it still has their signature sound. I have only listened to this album through twice so far, so admittedly I don't know the album that well, so the score may increase (or decrease for that matter) when I become more familiar with the album. That being said however, this is a very strong return and while the change in sound might annoy some fans who were hoping for a more traditional sounding Limbonic Art album, it won't disappoint.

Conclusion: The above is recommended for purchase only.