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Lik and Uncanny - 70%

dismember_marcin, June 2nd, 2017

Anyone fancy a new old school death metal split release? Let's bang the skulls then while I play newest War Anthem release, which is a split 7"EP between Lik and Uncanny, so two noteworthy Swedish bands. Ha, if you know me then you can already guess that I couldn't miss such release. I got it immediately!

So, first comes Lik, who debuted last year with "Mass Funeral Evocation" - an album, which I have on vinyl, but I'm yet to listen to it (you know, I just buy too many records and the queue is endless haha!). This band features some members of more well known and recognized acts like Katatonia, Witchery and so on. I have to say that their one song on this split titled "Only Death Is Left Alive" is great! I like it way, way more than Uncanny's track - and I'm talking about fuckin Uncanny, band which I love! But what Uncanny song misses, Lik delivers, so "Only Death is Left Alive" is nasty, aggressive, harsh and really nicely vicious and fast. It blows the speakers with great dose of energy and really makes me bang the fuckin skull! Great song!

But Uncanny... damn, I like this band a lot, but this one song disappoints me. I actually already reviewed their newest recording, which on bandcamp was titled "Liturgy" EP (and which I would prefer to see in its entirety on a seven inch vinyl format). It was good, except one song. And this one song, which I liked the least, ended up on this split release with Lik. WTF? Weird choice. Anyway, "The Reaping" sounds boring, it's slow and non impressive at all, it makes me sleepy and the band sounds tired on it. It's not terrible, but a bit forgettable and mediocre song and it may even be the worst Uncanny piece, which I've heard. What a shame... Anyway, I still love this band, their previous 7"EP was fantastic and I still hope to see a continuation of "Splenium for Nyktophobia".
Final rate: 70/100