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Light Dweller > Lucid Offering > Reviews > we hope you die
Light Dweller - Lucid Offering

Salvaging dissonant death metal from utter incoherence - 75%

we hope you die, July 2nd, 2022

‘Lucid Offering’ could be read as an attempt to salvage postmodern death metal from the clutches of utter incoherence. It bears all the contemporaneous garden variety hallmarks that make up the complex of audience expectations in the present day. The post mechanistic aesthetics of organicism reaching for symmetrical clarity, lavish dissonance, overbearingly abrasive riff philosophies, and needlessly technical sonic material cluttered with information that achieves less than the sum of its parts.

But there is an underlying focus to Light Dweller’s marshalling of these unwieldy engine parts that gives us partial sight of daylight. Whether this be the addition of keyboards adopting string and piano lines with a brightness and cheer to them that works the music into a frenzied and monstrous euphoria, or the decision to rest on a refrain for the more than a few measures and allow the music to achieve some kind of focal point, all are indicative of an artist at least trying to offer the listener something beyond a mere aesthetic re-affirmation.

‘Lucid Offering’ is orientated as one would expect for an artist that follows in the wake of post reformation Gorguts. Rather than explore the surgical meditative dis-metal of ‘Obscura’, the infrastructure of arcane network-riffing has been transplanted onto a more organic, homely aesthetic that would be acceptable to sludge metal operatives, thus diluting the focus away from transcendence via percussive riff management and into indistinct postmodern blandisms.

But although ‘Lucid Offerings’ fits into this latter day Gorguts narrative, there are promising signs of an overcoming of contemporary stagnation in the offing to be found here. Riffs will often undergo a period of cyclical activity, before violently breaking free of their biomechanical paralysis and refocusing on a central theme that embodies the appearance of purpose. Jarring contrast, clever repetitions, chord sequences stretched just beyond their shelf life, and some well placed dynamics and textural shifts all go a long way to elevating these tracks out of their postmodern mire, positioning them in such a way as to signpost new possibilities and open pastures where brightness and melody has a resituated purpose when placed alongside the illogicisms of dissonant death metal.

Originally published at Hate Meditations