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Packet full of (dark) fun - 86%

Tomb_of_Cunt, February 26th, 2013

The very first time I heard Lifelover’s music I could sense that they are a very spontaneous band. Spontaneity is a crucial ingredient to any form of art, but it seems like Lifelover has almost perfected the spontaneous elements in their music.

The best word to describe this album would be “fun”. Lifelover is having fun, the listener is having fun and the music is constantly very basic, but still very effective. On most of the tracks there are simple guitar riffs and palm mutes which are combined with tormented voices, screaming and sarcastic lyrics. Keyboards play an imminent part throughout the whole album and it creates a very strong theatrical atmosphere. This theatrical atmosphere is filled with dark humour and depression. For example - the music on “Vardagsnytt” is quite silly (yet, still very good) and has a very sarcastic atmosphere; then follows the mysterious “Avbrott sex” which is an instrumental track that contains music with a very dark aura. “Stockholm” is also quite a depressing track filled with anguish and despair. It is clear that the band is addressing the everyday reality of life which is filled with both depressing and fun moments. They combine both of these into a very creative mix that will make fans listen to this album over and over again.

There are a lot of experimental elements thrown into the mix. On “Stockholm” one of the band members keeps whistling in the background. On some of the other tracks you can hear noises in the background that sounds like gunfire and people screaming and then there are also samples of children singing. These experimental elements combine very well with the anguished screaming of the vocalist. Overall, I think it is quite difficult to describe the genre that the band plays. On some tracks it sounds like straightforward experimental depressive rock and on other tracks it sounds like pseudo-dark ambient music. This proves that the band is constantly broadening their horizons and redefining their musical perspectives and the general aesthetical concepts that go with it.

I can’t help to listen to this album and then after a few days come back to it again. This album contains a very down-to-earth kind of atmosphere filled with dark fun.