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Pulverising. - 85%

Perplexed_Sjel, January 21st, 2007

"Until the day you die, you will always be ... SHIT" The final words of this amazing and unique album. Lifelover, whose name seems like a total contradiction to me, are a Depressive Rock band from Sweden. "Pulver" is the debut album which was released a year after forming through GoatowaRex.

This band are truly unique in every sense of the word. The vocals are somewhat Black Metal influenced, distorted screams which convey a total hatred towards society and life in general. But the music, as a whole, is a new concept to me. Although it takes elements of genres such as Black Metal, this is in no way a Black Metal album. The riffs are extremely catchy and sometimes reminiscent of some form of Indie/Pop music, but don't let that warn you off. At times, the guitar tones can be clear and then at other points they can be highly distorted to create the depressive atmosphere the band is trying to generate. The guitars play a very important role in setting this album apart from anything else you'll ever hear, as well as the vocals. You have your standard tremolo picking, reminiscent of Black Metal bands, but you also have your deviation from the norm. The drums and bass aren't especially important, although they do increase the atmosphere nature of the music. The addition of melancholic piano sections are crucial in setting the atmosphere and enhancing the overall depressive feel the music can convey. Although the music can have that sombre and downbeat sound to it, the catchy riffs have the ability of making this a far more enjoyable listen in terms of the emotive side the music generates for the listener. The production does allow the listener to focus of every instrument and the part it plays however, it can be rather hazy at times, but this is not a turn off whatsoever. The fact that it's not as polished as people may like, may deter people, but you have to keep the fact that this is a debut album in mind.

The most notable highlight for me is En Sång Om Dig.