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Dark and sad, rocking, and catchy all at once - 93%

BlackMetal213, June 8th, 2017

Lifelover was a Swedish band that took the sounds of black metal and rock music and combine them to create a sound that really is quite unique. At the time, the band was mostly constructed of B (R.I.P.) and ( ) with 1983 providing additional vocals and lyrics. The sound was certainly centered mostly around black metal but the elements of rock music really do add a bit of a catchy aspect to the album's dark sound. More often than not, Lifelover is usually classified with the DSBM (depressive suicidal black metal) bands. With lyrical themes such as depression and drug use, this is definitely a justified comparison. Musically speaking, this album is definitely a musical representation of depression.

So, in terms of instrumentation, the album starts off in a great direction and really doesn't deviate away from high-quality songwriting. "Nackskott" is the opener and features some very bouncy, catchy riffs but when you take the agonizing vocals into consideration, this makes for a far more dissonant and depressing (yes, I'm using that word quite a bit here) tune. The vocals are very important in crafting a dark abyss of pure emotion. At times, it sounds as if these vocalists are being tortured by their own despair. "M/S Salmonella" is the following track and already, I'd say it's the album's crowning gem. It's pure gold in the form of black metal. The riffs are simplistic in nature, which is the case with this style of music, but highly effective and absolutely radioactive with emotion. Even the instrumental piece “Avbrott sex” retains this haunting, tortured style without incorporating the use of vocals. In addition, tracks such as "Kärlek - Becksvart Melankoli" incorporate pianos heavier than others but such is the case with a great deal of Lifelover tracks, the piano definitely plays a key role.

It's easy to see why this album is so highly regarded in the black metal community. Lifelover is usually associated with the DSBM bands and, lyrical content aside, they seem to be one of the more unique bands in an already amazing genre of extreme metal. This is a very short review, I'm aware, but I had to throw in my two cents where it was deemed appropriate. It's a shame that Lifelover is no more, and B was definitely a mastermind for the style.