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Let's all fucking kill ourselves shall we? - 94%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, March 21st, 2008

Lifelover is a newcomer to the Black metal scene, particulary the Depressive/Suicidal end of the spectrum. Yes, we all know what lies in those botomless depths of darkness...misery, confusion, loneliness, a sense of divine treason, alcohol and drug abuse, the downward spiral of the human mind and soul, etc. All the stuff that really plagues the hearts of men who live in a homogenized 21rst century of digital activity searching for what made them appreciate the sunshine-filled days of childhood are now replaced by homes that bring no comfort, and material possessions that seem to be trophies of your income. And a concoction of antidepressants, sleeping pills, mood stabalizers, tranquilizers, antipsychotics, etc. all used to keep the wild hearts of men tame and sedated but only in the end adding to the ever escalating depression that comes with the territory. Lifelover really LOVES what life has to offer as we age.

But admist this madness, we find some whom are able to turn this illness into art. 9 times out of 10 it's the only true artform left amongst those who are using it for bullshit rockstar dreams of fame and money and to make 14 year old girls wet their panties with glee. Lifelover being one of these artists managed to surpass the traditional Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal into more of a Black Metal that is true to it's punk roots while adding in styles of death rock, atmosphereic pianos, and even some pop-worthy hooks to create a general mentally fucked mindset.

Vocally..all members contribute to the variety but mainly ( )......yes his artistic name is parenthesis marks....alternates from a somber, melancholic sad sack of shit wanting to off himself to traditional 80's Goth Rock deep monotone speaking to some really disturbing howls. There are even some decent growls here and there. Guitars are nowhere fast. The only speed you might find is on tracks "En Man I Sina Samsta Ar", "Valkommen Till Pulvercity" which resembles something that Ministry might write minus the volume and industrial noise. Instead you'll find some really nice soft keyboard parts to enhance the moodiness this band projects. Otherwise it's fucking good. Some songs are more shoegaze, some even folk rock. "Humörets BottenvÄning" starts off with a beautiful keyboard piece and then goes into some weird electronic beat/trance-induced dark ambience. Truly a wonderful track and is perfect for walking the cold freezing city streets during the winter trying to make sense of why everyone else is so happy during the holiday seasons. One can imagine a bunch of college kids staying inside their dormrooms for days on end and wanting to let their wrists open, this would would be their soundtrack as they stare motionless at all the happy people outside enjoying their pre-ordained heaven-filled lives in the sunlight. The last track "Nitlott" seems to be a ray of hope that through the days of rain, of everlasting darkness, and a hope that spring might come along and turn everything green...or maybe it's March madness, but who the fuck cares at this point, because we just walked through some pretty depressing shit.

I do not consider this typical Black Metal, but still I hold this in high regards as one of the better albums to comes out within the past few years amongst the satanic drivel. A change of pace and something new brought to the table. Pick this up if you are wanting to look into the minds of the damned and freezing.