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Loves To Hurt Me. - 60%

Perplexed_Sjel, November 7th, 2007

That was quick. Lifelover unleashed 'Erotik' less than a year after they sent their pulverising debut out across the world. I had some fears before I first listened to this full-length. Simply because Lifelover managed to pull this out of the bag a few months after the first record was released. I thought that perhaps 'Erotik' was too fast, too soon for the public. Considering the fact that this bands status was rising with each and every day that passed between the full-lengths, the vast majority of people probably welcomed this record with open arms and a tear of joy. Due to the fact that it came out so quickly after the first one, I had expected a lot of experimentation by Lifelover, but that's not really what I received upon listening to this.

'Erotik' is a 'more of the same' full-length. It serves to build upon the bands growing reputation amongst fans of underground music. It's fairly similar to 'Pulver' in some ways. The sound of Lifelover's music has really developed much, but considering I loved the first record, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all. Though whenever you have expectations of something and it doesn't turn out anything like you had initially expected, you cannot help but feel somewhat disappointed and that's my overall impression of 'Erotik' ... Disappointed. There has been some minor development by Lifelover, but that comes in the form of the vocals. I didn't really think they needed to be messed around with anyway, they were perfect for the scene Lifelover was setting. At times the clean vocals can sound somewhat poor and out of place. They aren't to my liking and take away from the depressive nature of the music, despite the fact that they sound rather sorrowful.

'Erotik' marks an era where clean vocals play much more of a part for Lifelover. Although I don't necessarily think they should have been included as much as they have been, they're good. They show a new side to Lifelover, making sure fans know they aren't restricted to one style. They do that amply. The overall sound of Lifelover is much the same as before. Perhaps expecting a fair amount of experimentation in sound was my fault. The guitars still have that same buzzing tone that creates affective melodies that swirl around in the atmosphere of 'Erotik'. The guitars are the saving grace for Lifelover in this instance, as per usual they set down wondrous melodies at times. However, on occasions they can go missing. The riffs become quite subdued and repetitive that you can forget that they are even there. As well as this, the percussion side of things tends to take over. This percussion sounds far louder than the guitars, which is usually unbearable, but Lifelover's tendency to vary their sound saves this element from becoming a problem.

In conclusion, 'Erotik' is merely stuck in the shadows of the debut full-length. It never really gets going and sets a slow pace to Lifelover's development as a leading band of it's genre.