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Lovecraftian maelstrom of technical death metal - 97%

natrix, March 25th, 2007

This is an all time favourite of mine, especially considering that it is one of the most unique albums I have ever heard. It's tech-death, back when it was fresh and interesting. But it's also incredibly brutal, and difficult to listen to if you're not ready for what is coming.

Liers in Wait offer you a ferious whirlwind of slamming, technical riffs, probably influenced by early Atheist and Possessed, combined with Scandinavian evil and Lovecraftian horrors. Each song is composed of a great many of rapidly shifting riffs and skillful drumming, sometimes breaking into a very brief atmospheric solo or chunky riff. I'd compare it to a 20 minute long car accident--very disorienting, very chaotic, but not without a motive, albeit a very alien one. It will make your head spin the first time you listen to this, but after a few listens, you'll be able to figure it out enough to enjoy the sinister technicality on here.

I can say that the vocals are probably the least original element, sounding very gurgly and slimy. They certainly do work, because you can barely make out what Christofer is belting out. What I can say is that this Necronomicon/Lovecraft lyrical content perfectly compliments the complex and sinister nature of the music.

The outro, "Gateways," is a bit of an atmospheric affair, summoning up images of possibly Nocturnus crossed with De Mysteriis-era Mayhem, and it's the only track on here that isn't kicking in your face a million different ways.

Overall, this is a jem.