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Lier in Wait - Immersie Obscura - The Equinox of the Gods

A Crying Shame - 100%

optimuszgrime, May 6th, 2008

When I think about this band the words ‘crying shame’ come readily to mind. Not only is this one of those bands whose only demo is absolutely perfect, and never released anything else other than a ten minute demo, not only did they never make it to a full length, but the band members also went on to form inferior bands. It is as if everything that could go wrong with this band went wrong promptly after they released this one absolute gem of a demo.

The music is somewhere between melodic death metal and black metal, two genres that can never really be paired right. They are the only band who blend these two genres that I like, and are one of the very few bands that play anything resembling melodic death metal that I will tolerate, because of the incredible pathos and melodrama that is omnipresent in that genre. These guys keep their heads above that thank god, although even in their music some of the riffs, and especially the intros employ more pathos that is healthy for metal music, but it is used right, and sounds ok at least, fucking great to my ears. Also, they know when to let up and play some heavy riffs or go into something else and not put on another load of melody, or god forbid a synthesizer. They use enough blast beats (that are just short of hyper blast they are so fucking fast), enough melodic passages, enough epic atmosphere, and just enough thrashing and double bass laden riffs to kick your ass with. The end result is absolutely killer, never boring for a second, and a joy to listen to.

The vocals are quiet close to the death metal growl but are not growled, they are sort of spoken and sung, but so low and so gruff that it sounds like death metal vocals, only with a different approach. The bass is very well audible in this one, and the recording sound is way ahead of its time, this could be a death metal album in 2008 and I would still say it sounds tight. The guitars are nicely distorted and are thick sounding, unusual for the riffs they play, as this is where most of the black metal influence can be felt. The drummer is absolutely crazy; he uses insane double bass skills, really fast blast beats, all sorts of awesome cymbal pattern, cool fills, enough thrashing to not have it be too hectic, some nice Atheist type riffs here and there, and even mellows out and lest the melodies take over keeping just the bare bones of a beat when necessary, of course even then accentuating with the right hand.

This is one of those demos I think everyone should hear, and know what a crying shame truly means. These guy had it all, did it all, and to no avail. Truly sad and depressing, I would say, that this is the only piece of music we get to hear from these guys. I would recommend this demo to absolutely everybody, regardless of what sort of metal you like, as this is just too innovative to not be enjoyed, and presents an approach that is different and weird enough to have become a classic if only it would have been extrapolated on further than these three songs.