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You will grind beneath Lich King's wheel of Thrash - 86%

ShadeOfDarkness, August 3rd, 2010

Lich King is a new thrash act from the US. They're first two albums were kind of wannabe old school thrash. Even though they tried to be as thrash as possible, with their Nuclear Assault, Vio-Lence and Exodus influenced songs, I was entertained enough. However, this album marks a new era of Lich King!

The album opens with an intro track. First time I heard this track, I got really excited for what I had in store. And so, when the intro was over, and Act Of War's devastating riffs started going, I immediately started headbanging to it! That song was a really amazing "80's" sounding thrasher. This song is definitely one of the best on the album!

After Act Of War was finished beating the hell out of my head, Ed-209 came, and I sat back, and relaxed through the whole song. It was groovy and good! We're then struck by A Storm Of Swords, Waste and Terror Consumes, which are all good thrashers! I especially enjoyed A Storm Of Swords for it's groovy to thrashy parts. One is bound to have more success with a song if it starts up being groovy, and suddenly a BOOM! That is what I love about thrash metal!

Well, enough about how awesome each and every song is. I assume you want to know more about how the music sounds, and of course the production. This album varies a lot. It ain't just thrasher after thrasher, which is a good thing in my opinion. I get tired if an album only has tracks that all goes in the same rhytm, the same riff and vocals. Lich King has showed that they're intelligence was beyond what we all thought they had. They have written some unique riffs, and Tom's vocals are truly something special. Sometimes he screams out his lounges, sometimes he goes for a half death metal grunt, and of course the high pitched falsetto thingy that we can all hear is Tom Araya inspired. He delievers what one would expect of a good thrash band.

The guitars are also varying from track to track. From the old school style of Act Of War, A Storm Of Swords and Lich King III, to the dark tone of Grindwheel and (sometimes) Behaver. All in all, a good variety of riffs and solos that fits into every song on here.

The production has really taken a lot of steps forward. Remember the extremely low volume on Toxic Zombie Onslaught? That is gone now. Remember the annoying hiss on Necromantic Maelstorm? That is gone as well. Now, they are aiming for a somewhat clean sound, while still keeping the old school feel to it. This step forward was very entertaining, and made it a lot easier to listen to the whole album without taking a break to clean your ears. So if you want to listen to this, then don't just listen to one song and quit. Listen to the whole album in one piece. Then you can listen to the songs you liked the most. That's how I enjoyed the full album as much as I do!

Question: Should I get this album?
Answer: Definitely! Especially if you are a thrasher! This album shows that thrash is still alive, and maybe more than ever! So don't listen to the guys that are still wining "Dude it's not the 80's anymore! Modern thrash sucks!" and related. Go buy this album, cause it will entertain you no matter what!