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Lich King - World Gone Dead - 95%

Lacho_droogie, June 14th, 2010

Well Lich Kings new album was officially released today but I managed to get my hands on it from itunes several days earlier, even though I had already preordered it online. I just couldn't wait! What a great decision, this is a thrash masterpiece!

There are several things that separate this album from the previous two Lich King releases. The first of which is the production, which is a lot better on this album. The mixing is better, the bass is audible, the drums are clear, especially the kicks, the guitars are loud and defined, all of which combine to create a great sounding record!

As well as the change in production, the music is faster, louder and heavier than anything Lich King have released to date! Although there are a few traces of classic Lich King humour throughout the album the songs have taken on a new identity, moving away from humour and focusing more on classic Bay Area thrash. This is a welcome change, as bands can only go so far with the humour aspect before it becomes stale and overused.

The songwriting and musicianship on this album, although nothing absolutely mind blowing or revolutionary, is very good indeed. The songs are fast, heavy and defined, the vocals are loud and angry, the lyrics are violent and well written, the solos are fast, well structured and well placed and, last but definitely not least, the gang vocals are incredible! There are periods during this album, especially during the song 'Terror Consumes' where one cannot help but bang their head!

For all Bay Area thrash fans, whether they be into the new wave or old wave, this album will not disappoint! I have had this record for about 4 days now and it has already gotten about 6 or 7 listens, seeming to get better every time! Although every song is enjoyable in its own sense the stand out songs for me have to be 'Waste', 'Act of War', 'Terror Consumers' and 'Lich King III (World Gone Dead)". This is a breath of fresh air into the lungs of thrash metal, and i would recommend this to every thrash enthusiast out there!